As part of our workflow, we use an online application called WIREDRIVE to share videos and audio files. WIREDRIVE has very neat features such as online playback, video download, content forwarding and most important; it allows users to leave comments and modify the status of an element.

We find this tool very convenient to keep organized documents of the changes, reviews, and development of the products that we create for you. It is also a great way to keep all the information gathered in one place since it helps us share it with any team members that are working on a specific project such as: video editors, assistants, colorists, producers, graphic designers, clients, account managers…

We encourage our clients to make an active use of the tool for the approval process of the work we do. In order to help you navigate more easily through WIREDRIVE and learn about its very simple functionalities, please take a look at the following brief tutorials. They last no more than 3 minutes.

Thank you!

Adding comments and approvals

Sending project room presentations



We use a couple of tools to receive and send files to our clients over the net. We prefer the option of transferring large size files through our FTP Server.
Your assigned producer will provide you with personalized access details.

For smaller files, we use our own channel with WeTransfer